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Honolulu Pickleball Company Paddle Eraser – the quick, easy, and essential solution for maintaining the peak performance of your carbon fiber Pickleball paddles.

Fast and easy

Honolulu Pickleball Company Erasers make paddle care a breeze. With just a few wipes, these paddle cleaners remove dirt, dust, and minor scrapes, restoring ball spin and bringing back that new paddle performance. You'll wonder how you ever played without one!

Made for All Carbon Fiber Paddles

Specifically designed for carbon fiber pickleball paddles, Honolulu Pickleball Company Erasers work seamlessly with any brand. Safely rub the face of your paddle to quickly eliminate residue and reveal the original performance of your prized equipment.

Restore surface roughness & Spin

Honolulu Pickleball Company Erasers don't just clean – they revitalize your game. Effectively removing small fibers of plastic from pickleballs that accumulate in paddle grooves, they restore the original grit on the paddle's face. More surface roughness means more spin, enhancing your overall playing experience.

Safe and long lasting

Honolulu Pickleball Company Erasers are durable and long-lasting. Safely and efficiently clean your pickleball paddles

Compatible with all Brands

Honolulu Pickleball Company Erasers are compatible with popular carbon fiber-faced paddles, including Joola, CRBN, Electrum, Six Zero, Gearbox, XSPAK, Legacy, and more. This aftermarket product, produced by Honolulu Pickleball Company is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the mentioned manufacturers.

Elevate your game, and keep your paddle looking like new with Honolulu Pickleball Company Erasers